A V8 Twin Turbo powered Indian Food Truck...

RaSoi 6 is an exciting and unique Indian food truck that tantalizes taste buds with a fusion of authentic Indian street food and contemporary flavours.

Our mission is to establish a renowned brand across the UK, known for its mouth-watering Indian cuisine and passion for cars.

But we're more than just food and cars; we're also deeply passionate about fostering connections and supporting communities by creating an attractive hub for people to come together.

Join us on this flavourful journey as we bring the best of Indian cuisine, passion for cars and the joy of community to streets and events across the UK
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Our Menu

The menu below is the core menu we offer. From time to time we may offer special dishes which aren't shown here, but follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep updated!

Pav Bhaji

Our signature Indian street food dish originating from Mumbai. It features a luscious vegetable curry, served alongside a delicately butter-fried, soft bread roll.

Adorned with a sprinkling of fresh coriander, finely chopped onions, and fiery chillies for those seeking an extra kick. Accompanied by a refreshing lemon slice that you can squeeze on top for added flavour.

Suitable for Vegans

Allergen information:

Vegetable curry: None of the 14 food allergens

Bread roll: Wheat


A renowned and sought-after snack throughout India. It features a thin, flaky pastry enveloping a delectable filling of either vegetable medley, minced chicken or minced lamb, expertly folded into a triangular form.

These triangular pockets are deep-fried to perfection, achieving a delightful golden and crispy texture. Served piping hot, they are accompanied by yogurt and mint sauce, chilli sauce or both.

Allergen information:

Vegetable samosas: Wheat and Milk

Chicken samosas: Wheat and Milk

Lamb samosas: Wheat and Milk

Keema and Rice

The essence of our signature lamb or chicken keema* placed on a bed of delicate fluffy basmati rice.

Garnished with fresh coriander and finely chopped chillies to further elevate this delightful dish, creating a symphony of flavours that will leave your taste buds in awe.

*Availability of lamb and chicken keema may vary on the day

Allergen information:

Lamb or Chicken Keema: None of the 14 food allergens

Rice: None of the 14 food allergens

Loaded Keema Fries

The essence of our signature lamb or chicken keema* takes centre stage, gracefully crowning a bed of freshly fried fries.

This tantalizing combination is elevated further with a touch of coriander, finely chopped chillies, and a generous sprinkling of grated cheese, culminating in a harmonious symphony of flavours.

*Availability of lamb and chicken keema may vary on the day

Allergen information:

Lamb or Chicken Keema: None of the 14 food allergens

Fries: None of the 14 food allergens

Keema Tacos

Two warm and inviting soft taco boats, delicately filled with our signature lamb or chicken keema* awaits your indulgence.

Adorned with a vibrant array of chopped lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, finely chopped chillies, and a generous sprinkle of grated cheese, promising a delightful fusion of textures and flavours.

*Availability of lamb and chicken keema may vary on the day

Allergen information:

Lamb or Chicken Keema: None of the 14 food allergens

Taco boats: Gluten and Wheat

Where to find us...


The Dove Pub, Newport Pagnell (MK16 8SB)
Every Wednesday & Friday evening (5pm-8pm)
Norfolk & Ashton House, Milton Keynes (MK9 2AH)
Tuesday 6th February (12pm-2pm)

Tuesday 5th March (12pm-2pm)

Tuesday 23rd April (12pm-2pm)

Tuesday 7th May (12pm-2pm)
Witan Studios, Milton Keynes (MK9 1EH)
Wednesday 6th March (12pm-2pm)

Weekend Events...

Coming soon...

We are available for Corporate or Private hire...

Whether your hosting a Corporate or Private event, why not hire our food truck to make your event even more memorable!

We can work with you and be flexible with our menu to better suit your needs if required.

Just drop us an email at admin@rasoi6.co.uk or reach out to us via Instagram or Facebook.

About Us

Vik and Krupa
We (Vik and Krupa) have been happily married for over 10 years, and are proud parents to two beautiful boys.

Vik holds a 2.1 BA (Hons) degree in Business Management from the University of Sheffield, and has worked in some of the largest global organisations over the last 12 years in the field of customer research, insights and analytics.

Krupa is a qualified paediatric nurse, and has spent her career to date working within the NHS.
Our Indian Background
Even though we are both born and raised in the UK, we are Indian by ethnic origin.

Within our household we still maintain and celebrate the Indian culture, with cooking and enjoying Indian food being a significant part of this.
Outside of work
Vik enjoys DIY and is a big car enthusiast, and Krupa loves cooking and spending time with family and friends. Cars is something both of our children are also very passionate about, and together we attend several car events throughout the year.
Giving back to our community
In our careers to date we personally feel we have not been able to contribute or do as much as we would like to for our community.

Giving back to society and our community is key pillar of RaSoi 6, and we are commited to make a difference!

As we establish ourselves we are going to be working with our local community to support feeding the homeless and financially struggling households.

Our RS6: the essence behind RaSoi 6...

The Audi RS6 has always been my (Vik’s) dream car ever since childhood. In 2022 I had the incredible opportunity to turn this dream into reality. Out of the 25 'Nogaro edition' RS6 models made for the UK, I am very proud to call one my own.

After purchasing this car, I collaborated with a specialist tuning company to enhance its performance to an impressive 730bhp with 1,008nm of torque. My RS6 has also undergone some visual modifications, giving it a more aggressive and eye-catching appearance.

Our RS6 plays a significant role in defining the essence and brand of RaSoi 6. It will travel everywhere we go and will tow our catering pod.


RaSoi 6 is proud to be a member of NCASS

5-star Food Hygiene rating

5-star Food Hygiene rating

How to Pay

We accept card payments, Apple Pay and Android Pay only

Contact us

Email us at admin@rasoi6.co.uk, or reach out to us via Facebook or Instagram
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